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Our Giveaways have become legendary

Live on facebook

The most common prize we give away now are Playstation 5s but the monster one was a Dodge Charger in PG

Why do we give our products away?

We love to give our brand away to anyone interested.  Giving back is an important part of our business values and these weekly giveaways is one part of that.

We also love to have our brand repped in all parts of Turtle Island; all that we ask is that prize winners share some pics with us and hand out some of our business cards for us to their friends and family.   

How to get a notification that we are going live:

Don't wanna miss our Sunday Live?  The only way to win is to watch the live, here's how to not miss the live.

First Like our company page

Second on your phone change the notification setting to All instead of Highlights for our Live videos.  Here is a quick video we did to walk you through.  Also here are some pics on how to do this.

change your settings
change your settings2
change your settings3
change your settings4

Current Give Aways 2024

playstation 5 giveaway regina may 2024

Score yourself a free Playstation 5 at our Regina location!!  Every item you buy gets you ticket into the draw.

Pine Center - Prince George

Get in on the chance to win a PS5 or Meta Quest 2 headset!! Draw date will be May 31st 2024.  Every item you purchase at the booth gets you a ticket!   BONUS draw - Sunday April 21 we are giving away a pair of Ice Cube tickets.  Same entry as above.  Open to anyone and everyone.

Past Winners

The Dodge Charger giveaway at our Prince George location 

The Charger
The Charger interior
The draw
How it worked was for every item you purchased at our Pine Center location you got a ticket into the draw.  It was open to everyone and anyone that wanted to buy an item.  We then just drew a name and they won. 
(see full video on our facebook page)
Transfer the title over with a twist

Our PlayStation 5 giveaways through out the year.

Words we cant say anymore

Facebook is very pickey when it comes to certain words said during a Live video.  So we decided not to use the following words on our Lives anymore.  We are replacing them other key words instead

words banned

Last Weeks Winners:

Sittingbull All Season Jacket - Contestant missed out

Rebroadcast Winner -

Timestamp Winner - 

Timestamp Winner - 

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