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Our Story

Wolf Pack Apparel got its start in East Vancouver in 2008 at the Trout Lake Powwow.  The first design was a huge hit and the owner, Craig Stephens, began his journey to building his own Native clothing company.

The owner started his brand because he wanted to spend more time raising his young family.  An accountant at the time, Craig left the 9 to 5 world so he could set his own schedule and be present for all his kids.  

Since we took the brand on-line 3 years ago it has grown to mean so much to so many people.  We have some of the most loyal supporters in Turtle Island.  We have been blessed to have your support.

The early years
2023 was an amazing year as we opened our first permanent location at Pine Center Mall in Prince George BC.
We kicked off 2024 with our second permanent location in Northgate Mall Regina.   
Its truly been a blessing and a humbling experience to be a part of so much growth.
We look to test out other mall locations in 2024 with temporary pop-ups so stay tuned as we continue to expand.
*1 week pop-up alert*

Skeena  Mall and Rupert Square Mall 

April 19th - 27th 2024

We are excited to share our new designs and jewelry with our cuzzies in the North.  We look forward to seeing all the familiar and friendly faces.  Your support for Indigenous business has been amazing!!!

Regina 2024

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