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Our Story

Wolf Pack Apparel got its start in East Vancouver in 2008 at the Trout Lake Powwow.  The first design was a huge hit and the owner began his journey to building his own Native clothing company.

The brand is all about empowerment.  The hope is that the customer buying any of our designs feels a sense of confidence or a connection to the artwork.

We specialize in selling our brand on-line and at events across western Canada.  We have a new office in Burnaby BC that is open 5 days a week.

Our goal with our on-line store is to answer as many questions about our gear as possible.  We will try to replicate the buying experience as much as possible with product videos, customer reviews, and interactive chat sessions.  We now have order tracking so you can see were your purchase is.

We attend 30 special events a year in Canada.   Powwows, sporting events and conferences.  If we are near by come check us out. 

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